Are you Having problems
with the xbox 360 ring of death ?


Have you got tired of looking for a Solution ? 

Here we have compiled some of the best resources on the Internet to take the pain of getting your xbox 360 with three red rings working again. These site's will help you with getting your xbox 360 red ring repair done more quickly.

Here are the recommendations we have to getting your xbox 360 in working order again.

Our first editors pick is 3 red light fix.comring of death fix

This is our number one choice when it came to
a good clear and easy repair guide easy to follow videos, so your xbox360 will be repaired in no time

  • You don't to be a technical expert to able to do this fix it is very easy to do, so no worries there.
    This fix comes with a very detailed e-book with
    high quality photographs so you can't go wrong
  • if you can't fix your red of death xbox with
    this guide they say it's on them, so overall you have nothing to lose
  • If your a person that learns better
    by watching then they have some HD 1080p videos
    that you can look at in there members area
  • You may find that you don't need to use the e-book
    and the videos will do just fine.
  • It would probably be quicker and cheaper
    to repair it yourself and it would be up and
    running within 1 1/2 to 2 hours
  • They say you shouldn't have any problems as this
    is a known good fix unlike some, some people have
    been quoted at having there machine fixed for 3 months
    and still going strong so no need to worry that it will
    break again unlike some so called fixes.
  • The people behind it are true professionals
    throughout and know there stuff so if you have
    problems and don't understand something they
    are there with help and advice.

We give this a five star rating



Customer Testimonial

"I bought this guide as a last resort. I was just about to ship my XBox back to the factory, when I found your guide. Thank you so much. I had my XBox running in less than a half an hour."






Our Second Choice is xbox 360 redlight fix                                  

 This is our second choice as far as repair guides
 are concerned, this uses videos to help you with
 repairing your xbox and getting it up and running

  •  Be playing in less than 2 hours
  •  Fix is guaranteed or money back
  •  Will take less time than sending to Microsoft
  •  Professional high definintion quality videos
  • With detailed close ups
  • No hassle return policy
  • Delevoped by professional people who have done the actual repair
  • No special slodering skills needed and you use everyday items
  • Real Human Knowledgeable Customer Support team

We give this site 4 stars


Customer Testimonial

You guys are the real deal. I purchased about 4 guides all which had no real step-by-step instructions. With your guide I got my sons xbox 360 fixed in just under 2 hours, Its day 5 since the fix and its still running thanks to you guys!”
Eric. M, New York NY






Our Third Choice is xbox 360 three red lights fix

 This is our third and final site for getting your xbox360
 with a red ring of death fixed this site also utlisies
 videos, to help you easily fix your broken xbox with
 plenty of confidence.

  •  Been a working fix for a year
  •  Has clear step by step instructions with colour photos this gets rid of guess work
  • Supppourt questions answered within a hour 24/7
  • Takes about 35-40 mins to do the fix bfeore your playing
  • Videos are done by a pro so no blurred pictures
  • 56 day money back gurantee

 We give this a 3 star rating



Customer Testimonial

I was a bit skeptical about this guide as I was told the error was something to do with the hardware! I am happy to say I had my Xbox up and running in no time with this guide!
Thanks for an awesome guide!
Pauline Cox







The Red Ring of Death

Fix your Xbox 360's RRoD by yourself, without using a towel or a soldering iron, If your warranty on your Xbox 360, has run out  and it has gotten the dreaded Three Red Rings, then there is hope. As you may know, the RROD or RLOD (Red Light of Death) is a sign displayed by the 360's Light" when there is a general hardware failure. While this can be caused by any part on the 360, the general cause is from excess heat, which stresses the solder joint on the CPU and GPU. And over time, these joints can come apart, which causes the red ring to occur on the power button, usually when you have a new game to play and you've taken the day off work or want to have a lazy day with your xbox 360.

What this fix involves is nothing but house hold items. No more overheating your console, adding a new fan although you can add them if you like, or towels. Ever since I installed it I haven't had the console freeze up at all anymore.

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